Signing up and creating a site

Please be sure to follow these instructions carefully. It is not possible to create a site after registering, and readers won’t be able to locate your site if you fill out the last part of the blog/site URL incorrectly. Registrations without sites attached and registrations with incorrect usernames and/or URLs will be deleted. Users who’ve had their accounts deleted are welcome to re-register.

Signing up for the Saint Mary’s Commons is easy; there are just a few steps you need to follow.

To get started, click the “Join us” button at the bottom of this page after carefully reading these instructions. Clicking that button will take you to the registration page.

Once you’re at the registration page, you’ll see a screen that looks like this (click on any image below to enlarge it):


Instructions for creating an account, part one
Creating an account, part one


Enter the first part of your Saint Mary’s email address (everything before the @ sign) as your username. In the email address field, enter your entire Saint Mary’s email address. Choose a password.

Be sure to check the box in front of “Yes, I’d like to create a new site.” If you don’t, you’ll have an account, but no place to showcase your content!

Once you’ve checked that box, the rest of the registration page will open, and you’ll see the following:


Instructions for creating an account, part two
Creating an account, part two


Fill in the last part of the blog URL with the same username you entered above (this is essential). Choose a title for your site, then click the “Complete Sign Up” button.

Once that’s done, check your email. Click on the activation link. You’ll see a screen confirming that you’ve successfully activated your account and site. You can now log in to your dashboard by clicking the “Log in” link at the top left of your browser window, or by entering as described in this tutorial. You can always see what your site looks like by going to

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New registrations are disabled as of 21 June 2018.