Another successful Halloween Spooktacular!

Last night, SMAACS hosted its annual Halloween Science Spooktacular in the Science Hall. We had 145 kids from the community join us to do hands-on chemistry experiments and view some fun demos. We love seeing the excitement and curiosity in these young kids and hope to encourage their interest in all things science!

Huge thanks to the faculty and staff who brought their kids and grandkids and the amazing SMAACS members who volunteered their time to make this event great, especially SMAACS President, Kyra Dvorak who took charge! 

SMAACS Halloween Spooktacular!

On October 26th, Saint Mary’s Affiliate of the American Chemical Society (SMAACS), hosted a Halloween Spooktacular for kids of faculty and staff, and the community. This is a free event that is held almost every year and is always a great success. This year was no different!

We had five hands-on stations for kids where they played with “ghoulish goo”, made “milk fireworks”, wrote a secret message in invisible ink, took their fingerprints, made dry ice bubble, and learned about carbon dioxide production by mixing household items like vinegar and baking soda. All of these stations were run by students who had as good of a time as the kids did!

SMAACS students also did demonstrations for all of the kids every twenty minutes.

What a great event with so much hard work done by these awesome students! After the kids left, they wanted to run some more experiments and put the goo they made into dry ice: it wasn’t as exciting as they had hoped it would be, but we had fun anyway!

IMG_1343Thanks so much for all of your hard work!


Congrats Class of 2016!


Class of 2016 and Faculty May 1, 2016

Yesterday, the Department of Chemistry and Physics held the hooding ceremony for the Class of 2016 who will be graduating in less than two weeks. At this ceremony, we give out some departmental awards for excellence in coursework and service, but the main focus of the ceremony is the faculty hooding each senior.

The hood is an addition to the traditional cap and gown. It is black and trimmed in velvet in a color specific to the degree conferred. For the majority of our Chemistry majors, they have earned a Bachelor of Science and have gold hoods.


Hooded and ready to go!

Bachelors of Art have white hoods and PhDs (aka the faculty) have blue hoods. Inside these hoods are the colors of the school conferring the degree. For the graduating seniors, Saint Mary’s has a light blue interior with a white chevron. The inside of the faculty hoods are all different, based on which institution they received their doctoral degree from. Mine is the grey and blue of Case Western Reserve.


Another portion of this ceremony is the pinning of the Junior class with a Saint Mary’s name tag. This symbolizes their transition into seniors.


Chemistry and Physics Class of 2017!


As they have all year, these ladies managed to make the building construction work for them!

After the hooding ceremony, we processed over to O’Laughlin Auditorium for Honors Convocation. At this college-wide event, each department distributed awards and there were two faculty awards given. Also at this ceremony was the presentation of the Valedictorian medals. There are three valedictorians this year and two of them are Chemistry majors! Congrats Paige and Annie!

This week is finals week, followed by Senior week and then commencement on the 14th. Congratulations to our junior and senior class! Best of luck to the graduating seniors in their future endeavors!