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If you choose to blog on a regular basis in addition to using your site to maintain your portfolio, you’ll need to be able to create posts.

Creating a post is as easy as creating a page; in fact, the process is nearly identical. In your dashboard, choose “Posts,” then “Add New.” Give your post a title, and add whatever content you’d like. If you’re going to be blogging a lot, you might want to use categories to help organize your posts; you can learn more about categories and other aspects of writing posts at WordPress’s site.

One key difference between posts and pages is that bloggers often like to get comments on their posts; it’s a way for them to connect and converse with their readers. If that’s true of you as well, you might want to leave the “Allow comments” option checked.

When you’ve finished writing your post, go ahead and click “Publish.” You’ll find your new post on whatever page you designated in your reading settings.