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As you create your portfolio, you’ll need to upload examples of your work to your site, and create links to that work. Most often you’ll be adding your work to a page, but you can use the same procedure to add images, files, or links to a post.

To add an image to a page, either create a new page, or open an existing page for editing. Position your cursor where you’d like the image to appear, and click the “Add Media” button. You can choose from any files that are already in the media library, or you can add a new one. To add a new file, choose the “Upload Files” link. You can click on the “Select Files” button and use the window that pops up to navigate to and select the file you want, or you can drag and drop from a window in Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac). When the upload is complete, you’ll have the option to edit the title and to provide a caption, alternate text, and a description. (It’s especially important to fill in the “Alt Text” box. The text there provides information about the image for visitors to your site who, for whatever reason, can’t see it.) When you’ve finished providing the information, click the “Insert into page” button.

Adding other kinds of files (such as Word documents or PDFs) to your page is very similar. Again, create or open the page you want to add material to, and click “Add Media.” Drag the file you want onto the upload window or click the “Upload Files” link. This time, though, when you click “Insert into page,” you’ll now see a link in your page that reflects the file’s title. When readers click on that link, they’ll be able to view your original file (or download it, depending on the browser they’re using).

It’s also possible to link to web resources that you think will be useful for your readers. To do that, select the text in your page that you want to link to the resource. At the top of your editing window there’s an icon that looks like a small piece of chain. Click it, and in the window that pops up, enter the resource’s address, then click the “Add Link” button and update your page. Now when people visit your page, they’ll see the link, and can get to the resource quickly and easily.