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Prompt and Assignment Guidelines for the First Artifact of your Saint Mary’s ePortfolio:
A Reflection on the Integration of Learning

Write a 500-word essay (about 2-3 well-developed paragraphs) responding to the prompt below. This is a formal academic assignment, so you should organize your thoughts and proofread carefully. This is a reflective essay, so there is no need to develop a thesis or defend a position. In fact, there is no need to address each of the questions individually; they are there as a stimulus for your thought. This essay does, however, require that you think deeply and clearly express your thought. An introspective essay, it will still benefit from detail, illustrative examples, and connected discourse.

On the basis of your past experience, explain what integration of learning means to you as you begin your college education. If you’re not sure what it means, reflect on why that might be the case. What do you think you’ll need to do in order to integrate your learning at Saint Mary’s College? How have your discussions in SPLL 101 contributed to your understanding of the integration of learning?